ARS 1400 Wool

ARS 1400 Wool: A unique and durable reference system with an extensive range of 1400 shades in wool. It is our best-selling product as the users have access to ARS 1400 Wool different shades in a single box. This system is split into 5 trays with 10 groups. Every group has 20 different tones and every tone has 7 gradation

Textile Color of the Year: ARS Color Reference System having the maximum 1400 elegant color ranges magnificently design in a compact box suitcase with regular size POMP’s. Textile Color of 2020. ARS 1400 Color Reference System is also the top most preferred color reference system. With the maximum range of 1400 wool based color shades, split in ten groups in five trays. Every group has twenty different tones and every tones has seven gradation. Cylindrical POMP’s having sizes 30 mm x 17 mm with 25 mm top roundly shape as flower magnificently arrange as bright to sallow format.

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