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1200 wool

A complete and Comprehensive collection of 1200 shades in wool. This Color system contains a perfect combination of both neutral and splashy Shades. The box is split into 5 trays with 10 groups. Every group has 10 different tones and every tone has 12 gradations

Price $1,385

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  • ARS 1200 WOOL

    1200 WOOL

    TRAY A

    Shade Number Configuration
  • ARS 1200 WOOL

    1200 WOOL

    TRAY B

    Shade Number Configuration
  • ARS 1200 WOOL

    1200 WOOL

    TRAY C

    Shade Number Configuration
  • ARS 1200 WOOL

    1200 WOOL

    TRAY D

    Shade Number Configuration
  • ARS 1200 WOOL

    1200 WOOL

    TRAY E

    Shade Number Configuration


Material & Scale

Your ARS Colors Shades gleams beautifully from this crisp contemporary box made with very sturdy wooden board and has a stylish black faux leather finish. Size of Box is Approximately 62cm x 47cm x 34cm that makes it very convenient to travelling


Design & Scale

The width and height of the pom is 17mm X 30mm with top diameter of 25mm . The yarn is placed inside a transparent holder which gives an opportunity to use the shade more efficiently as the
maximum area of the yarn is visible for color matching.

Color Reference System
ars color



Our entire wool collection consists of a total of 3200 shades. Blended New Zealand wool is used in all our wool color reference systems making it easier to match the colors for all types of yarn.



Additional information

Net Weight

15.300 Kgs

Gross Weight

15.800 Kgs

Dimension Weight

20.000 Kgs

Box Dimension

62cm x 47cm x 34cm

Number of Color Shades


Number of Tray


Package Box Type

Box Suitecase

Pomp Size

17mm X 30mm X 25mm

Yarn Material


ARS colors 1200 shades



ARS Colors product used  by Textile Designers , Fashion Designers, Architect or creative individuals  to color match specific colors of wool, viscose or cotton shades when a design enters production stage, regardless of the equipment used to produce the color. ARS Colors shades are widely used  in the textile and Rug industry.

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Product Name : ARS 1200 WOOL