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ARS Customize 120-Shades

You may design your own color system by choosing your own preferred range of colors from our ARS Color Reference System and also by adding your existing range of colors. You can Print or Emboss your company’s logo on the box. You can get your Logo and number printed on the pomp for easy reference of colors. You can get numbers printed on the base of the box for easy handling of colors. You can get laser Strip pasted on the sides of the box for easy handling of colors. For Customized Color Reference System the minimum order is 25 boxes.


Customize 120-Shades:

Colour Effect: The Customize 120-Shades. This is a convenient user guide format It also allows for Color predominantly arrange chromatically. It allow for easy in visually location color families and ranges with handy portability. The Users of ARS Colors in The 65 countries of the world are being thread from Carpet Industry, Textile Industry.  As well as  Rug Manufacturing, Home Furnishing and by Architects and Interior decorators.

The minimum quantity for such customize offer is 25 boxes shape ranges of POMs. The ARS customize 120-shades is also one of our customizations with feature of handy shape of colored box with 120 shades different tones, which makes in ideal and easy to use for its users. We are forever ready to help for our users. We are inventing new innovations for our customers everyday.

Colour Effect.

Customize 120-Shades is also our customizations with feature of handy shape. It also Of blue colored box with 120 shades. With different tones, which makes in ideal and easy to use for its users. ARS Color Reference System came into existence into the year 2001. Also the idea into to minimize the errors in matching Dyed yarn. Like Cotton, Wool & Viscose.  The first Color Reference System  had  launched with 600 Shades to fulfill the needs of the people related.

you can an exciting opportunity to design your own color Reference System. Owning a Customized box would give you an edge over the others by having your own preferred range of colors in the box and using it with all your business counterparts for easy referencing of colors.  You can also add your existing range of colors in a compact box of your choice. Our professional designing team helps to execute your vision, your imagination, and your concept.  Into a beautiful,unique and original customize box also with your size of poms and the box as well which is perfectly Design to your personal style.

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Product Name : ARS Customize 120-Shades

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